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From Missouri Office

ミズーリ事務局 Lyman Pitman

Every community develops its own customs and traditions. The community of JAAC students at Southeast Missouri State University is no exception to this principle. One tradition which has been absolutely consistent through the eleven and a half years I have worked in the Missouri office has been the students' active participation in Intramural sports.
Year after year, there have been soccer teams, softball teams, and volleyball teams made up of JAAC students and their friends. In recent years, the outdoor soccer team has really improved, and last winter the indoor soccer team took the championship. Winter before last, our co-ed soccer team took the championship. The volleyball team, which has always been co-ed, has been strongly competitive for years.
Basketball is another popular sport with JAAC students, and in some seasons there has been a small JAAC basketball team. Even when there hasn't been a team, the students have played on their own, usually on Friday evenings. During my early years in Missouri, we seemed to have many basketball injuries, so I used to say that the sport was too dangerous for JAAC students. In recent years, however, the basketball players have survived without incident.
The range of sports offered by the university's Intramurals program is broad enough that a few students have participated on their own in sports which match their unique talents. One current student, for instance, claimed the badminton championship three years in a row. Another student joined a Frisbee team otherwise composed of Americans.
Participation in Intramural sports allows the JAAC students to become acquainted with members of different JAAC generations and to bond with one another. It is also a matter of pride for the students when they are able to compete effectively against Americans, who are generally much larger than the JAAC players. Just as important for both those who play and the JAAC members who come to watch the games are fun--and a welcome break from the daily business of school work.


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